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Editorial by Pascal Lenoble, managing director of Euro Trafic

In 1988, I succeeded my father as I just turned 26, taking over the family business which was booming at the time. Demand for transport was so high then that it was easy to double the turnover from one year to the next with a good marketing approach.

Five years after I took over the reins, our borders were thrown opened, including to a range of foreign competitors. Our customers, whether undergoing restructuring, or attracted by the competitive prices that foreign transport companies were able to offer, put us in front of a challenge. That is when I redirected our strategy to niche markets: food transport, dedicated and/or specific transport, integrated logistics, handling and stock control for the account of others, etc. Some customers went even as far as to entrust us with their property development projects for logistics centres.

The success of our projects, combined with our determination for improved performance and dynamism, produced results in the form of prizes and nominations for competitions such as company of the year (2005) and Trends-Gazelles (2004 and 2005)

This policy is paying off today and is enabling us to stay ever present in force, in spite of the difficulties faced by the sector and the business world more generally.

At Euro Trafic, we recruit people from the region and work with locally established Belgian companies. I am outraged by companies that employ cheaper foreign labour. Recruiting in Eastern and Southern Europe distorts the market and prices.

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