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Abnormal and wide loads

Providing expert solutions for abnormal and wide loads in Belgium

Let Euro Trafic take charge of transporting your abnormal loads. Our fleet of 100 vehicles means we can arrange all types of special convoys. In particular, we can transport cables. Our admin team will take care of all the formalities, e.g. obtaining permits to drive on Belgium’s road network.

Truck of Euro Trafic

Abnormal? What exactly does that mean?

In Belgium, any convoy that exceeds the dimensions shown below is considered an abnormal or wide load:

  • max. length of the entire convoy + trailer: 18.75 metres
  • max. length of the entire tractor + trailer: 16.5 metres
  • max. width: 2.55 metres
  • max. height: 4 metres
  • authorised maximum weight: 44 tonnes on the ground
Truck of Euro Trafic

Do I need special authorisation?

Yes, a special transport permit is required in Belgium for any convoy with the following dimensions:

  • max. length: 30 metres
  • max. width: 4.25 metres
  • max. height: 4.5 metres
  • authorised maximum weight: up to 90 tonnes

The admin team in our transport company will take care of all the formalities required to obtain the authorisation for the trucks to use the Belgian road network.

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