Euro Trafic has been optimising transport and logistics for thirty years by offering modern and customised solutions.

Large storage capacities, the use of cutting edge technologies and a team of specialists have enabled the family-owned and run company to provide more and more services and facilities to its customers. Whether for a short-term assignment or a long-term project, Euro Trafic is the natural partner for your logistics from its facilities in Heppignies. As a carrier, we cover in particular the Benelux, the North of France, Germany and the UK.

Availability and Flexibility
Availability and Flexibility
Availability and Flexibility
Availability and Flexibility
Availability and Flexibility

Our express breakdown service and timetable attest to our flexibility: our team is available round the clock year round.


One of the factors behind Euro Trafic’s success is undoubtedly the quality of its services and competence of its staff. This quality enables the company to address what are often very exacting logistics requirements, including on weekends.

For its part, the competence of the company’s employees constitutes an essential guarantee for the diversity of Euro Trafic logistics services.

ISO 9001 and HACCP certifications attest to the rigour of our working methods.

Diversification, a trademark

The chief characteristic of the services developed by Euro Trafic is their diversity. The integrated approach to logistics is a concrete reality, thanks in particular to the different missions assumed by Euro Glass Center, the division in charge of outsourcing glassware:

A company on a human scale

Euro Trafic can count on employees who are superbly trained in all aspects of modern logistics.

Complete and varied cartage

Euro-Trafic relies on a fleet of more than 70 vehicles for its transport activities.

This fleet is highly versatile to meet multiple needs, with trucks ranging from 18 tonnes to the large semi-trailers, but also trucks equipped with a platform, plant carrier, winch or crane, flatbed trailers, refrigerated trucks, tippers, etc.

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