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A varied range of logistics services

For a business to be successful, it must be able to effectively organise its logistics chain and manage goods flows. From transportation to warehousing — not forgetting handling and supplies — all these logistics steps must be carried out by qualified professionals. Euro Trafic offers a range of logistical services by placing its skilled teams, equipment and storage space (22,000 m²) at your service.

Parcel control in a warehouse


Since 1976, we have been committed to offering our customers flexibility, as well as responding to their needs.

Conveniently located in the Charleroi region, Euro Trafic, a logistics company, offers simple and fully customised solutions for the logistics management aspects of your business.



Specialised in logistics for almost 45 years, Euro Trafic has 22,000 m² of warehouse space to store your goods.

Whether you need to store crates, pallets or containers, our storage company can warehouse all types of products.



Keen to offer a wide range of varied services, our logistics company can also provide comprehensive handling solutions.

We guarantee the correct management of flows, as well as the preparation of orders.

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