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Our goal? To guarantee the optimal performance of our trucks

Managing a fleet of 100 HGVs is not just about getting from point A to point B, we also have to ensure that our vehicles are in tip-top condition, and that our 125 drivers can safely take to the road. We also carefully wash all the vehicles that leave our facilities in Heppignies. Euro Trafic provides a range of in-house services to help keep our fleet on the road.

Truck Wash

Originally specialised in haulage, our logistics company has built a wash station suitable for all types of vehicles.

The cleanliness of our 100 trucks is one of Euro Trafic’s calling cards, which is why we have our own vehicle-washing facilities.

Lavage camion

All our vehicles are washed at least twice a month. Our truck wash, located in our facilities in the Heppignies industrial zone, is equipped with the latest equipment:

  • state-of-the-art gantry washers
  • cutting-edge automation
  • heavy-duty single brush
  • felt blade and high-pressure jet cleaning
  • water management system
Garage Euro Trafic


Naturally, the safety and compliance of our fleet and equipment is one of our core priorities. Working in our garage, our expert mechanics regularly service and maintain our fleet of 100 vehicles in accordance with strict regulations.

Should a vehicle break down, our mechanics quickly head to the roadside to carry out repairs in order to guarantee the delivery of your goods within the agreed deadlines.

Flotte de camions d'Euro Trafic

Monitoring and traceability

As a logistics company in Belgium and haulier, we ensure the optimal management of our 100-strong fleet of vehicles operated by our 125 drivers.

Thanks to our highly effective tracking system, our back-office teams know exactly where our trucks are at any moment thanks to real-time monitoring. We can also provide customers with an accurate ETA for deliveries.

All this technology allows us to share information but, most importantly, it simplifies the lives of our drivers.

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