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The history of our logistics and transport company

A company is nothing without the energy, determination and professionalism of the people who work there. Since its beginnings, Euro Trafic has invested heavily in the business to meet the needs of its loyal customers. The activities of our capital-based SME have grown as a result of the hard work of the management and teams.


  • Creation of a chartering company by Jacques Lenoble


  • Acquisition of the former Dauchot premises in Gosselies: 3 ha and 5,000 m² of warehouse space to develop transport/warehousing activities


  • Creation of SA Euro Trafic


  • Death of the company’s founder, Jacques Lenoble, and the appointment a new Managing Director, his son Pascal.


  • Euro Trafic gains ISO 9002 certification — one step further towards optimal quality


  • Acquisition of Evrard
  • launch of a niche service for the transportation of abnormal and wide loads
  • HACCP certification


  • Acquisition de 3 hectares of land in the Heppignies industrial zone
  • construction of offices and floorspace (4,000 m²)


  • Extension of the floorspace from 4,000 to 8,000 m²


  • Sale of the Gosselies site.
  • Euro Trafic moves to the Heppignies site: new horizons notably for logistics with a new warehousing space (10.000m²) + office space (180m²)


  • Acquisition of 1 hectare of land plus an additional 2 hectares
  • Construction of a warehouse (4,000 m²) in Thuin


  • Formation of SA Euro Trafic Thuin in partnership with Jean Fadel, a company specialised in the distribution of food products (chilled and frozen)


  • Creation of a new 11,000 m² warehouse for SONACA missions


  • Construction of a 10,000 m² warehouse in the Heppignies II industrial zone


  • In partnership with VOO, Euro Trafic develops the innovative concept of an advertising trailer that criss-crosses Belgium, as well as winning a contract to store cables and modems


  • Shares in Euro Trafic Thuin (which provides logistics services to Deli XL) are bought by Jean Fadel


  • Euro Trafic bids for and wins a public transport tender launched by ORES to supply all its subcontractors in Wallonia


  • Acquisition of a new Moffett truck


  • Jacques Lenoble joins SA Euro Trafic


  • Purchase of a plot of land (10,000 m²) on the Rue Brigade Piron in Wangenies


  • Purchase of a plot of land (11,000m²) on the Avenue de Heppignies, a stone’s throw from the company’s HQ



  • Inauguration of a cross-docking platform for CCEP (Coca Cola European Partners) on our site in Heppignies
  • acquisition of 50% of the shares in SA Euro Trafic by Jacques Lenoble; Pascal Lenoble holds the other shares


  • Purchase of a new logistics building (10,700 m² – the former Atelier 3000) in the Heppignies industrial zone
  • Installation of 300 solar panels on the roof of our HQ
  • Opening of a new public service station
  • Opening of a new fully secured car park (10,000 m²) to park our fleet of trucks

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