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Our transport company is constantly investing to meet the needs of our current and future customers in optimal fashion, whilst remaining an SME with family capital and management, close to its market, its customers and staff, and capable of reacting very rapidly.

The company is created as a charterer by Jacques Lenoble.
Acquisition of the former Dauchot premises in Gosselies: 3 hectares and 5000 m² of warehouses. Development of the transport-transhipment activity.
Creation of Euro Trafic SA.
Death of the founder Jacques Lenoble and appointment of a new managing director, his son Pascal.
Euro Trafic is certified ISO 9002, one more step towards total quality.
Acquisition of Transports Evrard: opening of a new niche for Euro Trafic: exceptional transport. Earning of HACCP certification.
Acquisition of 3 hectares in the Heppignies industrial estate. Construction of offices and halls with 4000 m² of floor space.
Expansion of the floor space from 4000 m² to 8000 m².
Euro Trafic moves to the Heppignies site – a key turning point, an open door to new horizons, particularly logistics, thanks to the 10,000 m² hall. Arrangement of 180 m² of offices and moving of the activity. Sale of the Gosselies site.
Acquisition of a 1 hectare plot of land and construction of a 4000 m² hall in Thuin + purchase of 2 hectares.
Establishment of Euro Trafic Thuin SA in partnership with Jean Fadel, a company specialised in the distribution of food products (cold, fresh, frozen).
Creation of a new 110,000 m² warehouse dedicated to missions entrusted by SONACA.
In partnership with VOO, Euro Trafic develops an innovative concept of advertising trailer that criss-crosses Belgium and is also entrusted with the warehousing of cables and modems.
The shares of Euro Trafic Thuin, which sees to the logistics of DELI XL, are taken over by Jean Fadel.
Euro Trafic wins the public contract for transport launched by ORES to supply all its subcontractors in Wallonia.

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