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Transport with a truck-mounted forklift

Specialised transport with a truck-mounted forklift

As a company specialising in road haulage and logistics, Euro Trafic has always invested in the latest equipment to guarantee quality services to all its customers who have placed their trust in us since 1976. As an example, we purchased our first truck equipped with a forklift (Moffett) in 2013.

Transport with a truck-mounted forklift

The perfect solution

This is a truck with a forklift mounted at the rear, which is commonly known as a “Moffett” or “Kooiapp". It has a number of advantages:

  • up and running in under a minute
  • ideal for accessing difficult or restricted areas
  • relatively quiet
  • the customer does not need any special equipment to receive the goods
Transport with a truck-mounted forklift

Simplified deliveries

Having the use of a forklift for the delivery of goods saves the carrier valuable time. This represents a financial saving for the customers of our transport company who entrust us with the transportation of bulky items, such as:

  • palletised goods (foodstuffs, building materials, etc.)
  • ‘big bag’ deliveries (cement, sand, pellets, gravel, etc.)
  • materials/equipment delivered in kits
  • loads up to 2 tonnes

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