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Service station

Euro Énergies moves to the Heppignies industrial zone

With a view to offering ever more services, Euro Trafic can now rapidly and safely refuel your vehicle. In 2021, our logistics company opened its first Euro Énergies service station in the Heppignies industrial zone. We sell petrol, diesel and AdBlue to individuals and companies.

Public service station

Our transport company nis constantly developing its activities and in 2021 we opened our first Euro Énergies service station.

Conveniently located in the Heppignies industrial zone and close to Charleroi, our service station is not reserved just for trucks, but is also open to the public. Neighbouring companies and members of the public can also fill up with us.

As an experienced carrier, we ensure that our pumps sell:

  • diesel
  • petrol
  • AdBlue.
Station-service Euro Énergies

Euro Énergies fuel card

Don’t hesitate to contact us to apply for a fuel card and benefit from the following advantages:

  • Automatic - no tickets
  • No need for cash
  • Competitive prices
  • Company discounts
  • Automatic billing and simplified management
  • Free, secure and flexible

Cutting-edge equipment

Built in 2021, our state-of-the-art service station has special pumps reserved for HGVs, as well as pumps for motorists. Fully automatic, the service station is equipped with card readers for contactless payments.

Open 24/7, our service station is monitored with CCTV to guarantee your safety day and night.

Do you need information? Do you want a personalised offer?

Don’t hesitate to contact us at:
Let us know whether you need additional information or are interested in a personalised offer.

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